SWITCH Competence Framework

SWITCH Competence Framework

This tool is based on the SWITCH Competence Framework which was designed for six key roles, by members of the Switch forum.

They apply to the following job categories:

1. Materials Recovery Facility

2. Household Waste Recycling Centre

3. Collection Crew

4. Driving

5. Manual Street Cleaning

6. Plant and Machine Operators.

Albion has taken the SWITCH Competence Framework and matched it against training and vocational qualifications. The system has been designed with the busy manager in mind and allows the following-

  • A manager can log in and issue log ins to all staff
  • A staff member can log in to allow completion of Competence Framework. This uses a simple 1, 2, 3 and N/A systems where 1 is required

Managers and staff can log in at any time and update their assessment - this is ideal for working with staff to complete staff reviews and appraisals.

Managers can see a dash board showing all their staff and any weaknesses in their skills and knowledge. Vocational qualifications and common industry training has been matched against the framework, giving and easy at a glance view of which qualifications and training most suits your staff.

Want to get started and try the system - please "log in"

We deliver training and guidance on carrying out this process for your - please contact us for further details

If you want further information on SWITCH please click here http://www.ciwm.co.uk/ciwm/communities/centres/scotland_centre/switch_competence_assessment.aspx