Continuing Competency Waste Training

Continuing Competency Waste Training

In England and Wales only, CIWM and WAMITAB’s Operator Competence Scheme has a requirement for individuals to keep their competence up to date. Therefore, all competent persons falling within ‘The Scheme’ will be required to demonstrate ‘Continuing Competence’, and this will be appropriate to the level of risk posed by the facility, so that it remains proportional.

Disclaimer - This test has been prepared by experienced Waste Management assessors with the intention of providing a revision opportunity for candidates. We have no access to official CIWM / WAMITAB question bank and therefore provide no guarantee that the questions posed are in any way similar to the official question paper. We may contact you with information we think may be relevant but won't share your details with any other organisation.

Test Your Knowledge currently has the following on line tests -

  1. Continuing Competence Mock Test
  2. Test your Knowledge on Fly Tipping

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